character design & sculpture

Pierre Rouzier Freelance Commercial Artist

PiNkJazZ Studio

Pierre Rouzier is a commercial artist, concept developer and character designer.
Basically, I design licensed cartoon character assets, fantasy elements and environment build-outs for family entertainment venues...but I'm best known for my work as a sculptor in the entertainment and theme attraction industry specializing in translating licensed characters into tangible sculpture and maquettes for a variety of nationally recognized media companies. Within these pages contains a modest, yet eclectic selection of work spanning a decade of my involvement creating character brand elements for themed parks, animation, small press and collectible merchandise. As the field of artistry and industry continues to evolve, so must the artist. I strive to offer my skills in a diversity of mediums ranging from traditional pencil sketches, digital art, 3D modeling and sculpture in addition to utilizing other current methods of computer aided design in support for the ever changing world of visual art.

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