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"If one imagines that art imitates life....Consider life as one imagines it to be."

As a young boy, I had always been fascinated by the world around me and the world beyond my reach. That of course includes the television channel knob that was within my grasp....
Some of my fondest memories as a child, was the excitement I felt waking up Saturday mornings at the crack of dawn, sitting down in front of our TV in eager anticipation for the cartoon line up. By mid afternoon, my attention was completely absorbed in watching monster movies and Kaiju. I would often take long excursions into the woods marveling at wildlife while convinced of discovering strange cryptids living under logs. I enjoyed taking things apart to see how they worked and making toys and gadgets out of old toys and found objects. Most of my time was spent teaching myself to draw what I observed and to draw from my imagination. These seemingly "normal" curiosities of an adolescent boy, would become some of the indelible influences to foreshadow my development as an artist.

While I am best known as a sculptor; my earliest ambitions were in pursuit of landing a job as a traditional pencil artist working in the animation business. This was during an unfortunate time when the industry was in a state of flux and long established studios were laying off animators by the dozens. Many began closing their doors for good. After a few tough years,  I managed to facilitate a diversity of artistic roles as a conceptual design and character artist for both large and small companies in addition to creating animation maquettes and larger than life size statues for the theme attraction industry. Interestingly enough; I didn't find this job - the job found me.

 My career has been the reward of working with some of the most endearing characters, with some of the most enduring entertainment proprietors known world wide: Walt Disney World co., Universal NBC, Universal Studios Orlando, Viacom / MTV Networks and subsidiaries of Nickelodeon as well as providing artistic support for top industry firms, trade and independent creators alike. As I progress with my own personal aspirations developing character sculpture, collectibles and related art, I also welcome those with a common interest in my works for collectors as well as entertainment and merchandise licensing opportunities.

I look forward to your correspondence to discuss my employment and how I may help you with your endeavors!


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An established talent with over 10 year of experience providing artistic support to themed attractions, national entertainment groups and independent artisans by creating visual concepts including:  Design, Illustration, Maquettes, Sculpture and fabricated elements. Specialized in the ideation, development and implementation of family entertainment brands by creating environments, displays, and handling a variety of character assets: Sesame Street, Nickelodeon, Disney, M&M/Mars, Dr. Seuss Enterprises (to name a few)...
Partial client list include:

Walt Disney World Resorts /DRD - WDI: (freelance) sculpture, fabrication & design
Universal Creative Orlando: (freelance) concept artist & maquettes
Nickelodeon Recreation(FL): designer, concept artist & maquettes - Mall of America
MTV /Viacom (NY): (freelance) maquettes - Holiday Inn Suites & Paramount Parks
Bob Marley Foundation (JA): (contract) designer/sculptor - statue, Bob Marley Museum
Summer Infant Inc (RI) - (contract) character product/design & master prototype - “Dino Potty”
Cartoon Network/Trooper Productions (GA): Ben 10 (movie): concept artist / fabrication


A life time of Curiosity, Love & Just Doing!

American Animation Institute local 839 - N Hollywood CA. 
 Minneapolis College Of Art & Design - Minneapolis, MN

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